Arrow: 6.14 Collision Course

I've never really been sold on the whole team Arrow divided storyline this season and this latest episode saw the characters at their very worst. The hunt for Laurel Lance saw both teams come head to head in a story that was less Arrow: Civil War and more an over the top spat with no real tension.

There was certainly enough motivation on both sides - Felicity discovered that it was Laurel that had emptied Cayden James' accounts and stolen the 70 million dollars ransomed from the city. Dinah meanwhile was fuelled by revenge for Vincent Sobel's death at her hands. I understood their motivations for finding Black Siren but the whole divide felt strained an unnecessary. Plus the decision by Quentin to hide Laurel and attempt to bond with her removed any element of mystery to the two team's attempt to locate her. We spent half the episode waiting for these superheroes to catch up with what the audience already knew, which isn't great storytelling.

But that lack of suspension of disbelief was nothing compared to the escalation from rivalry and distrust to outright violence. I had to laugh as Felicity, Oliver and John strode into the new team's base, dressed in their outfits and using their Green Arrow and Spartan voices. Was this supposed to intimidate them? It certainly made the original team Arrow come across as ridiculous and Felicity a little gullible to think Curtis wouldn't be offended by her attempt to hack his systems. Rene planting a bug on Oliver also made a joke out of the titular hero too.

The dialogue wasn't much better either, full of cliched lines as the conflict between the teams escalated. And sorry, Rick Gonzalez's delivery of Rene's line "they threw away our bug like it was...a bug" was groan inducing. The only one that seemed to have any sense this episode was Thea, who clued into Quentin's actions, discovered Laurel in his custody and then called in Oliver to clean up the mess. Cue a showdown between the two teams that left both incapacitated. Curtis shut down the chip that had cured John's tremors, putting him out of action, while Rene was so badly injured in his fight with Oliver, he needs to be on life support. Also the battle between the heroes was so purely lit, I struggled to tell what was going on at times; the airport battle from Captain America: Civil War, this was not.

No one came out unscathed and while Curtis was able to convince Dinah not to avenge Vincent's death by killing Laurel, the evil metahuman was able to make her escape, with the money unreturned and Star City on the verge of collapse. I'm now at the point where I don't care if the team are reunited; the only intriguing moment was Laurel pretending to be this Earth's version, escaping from two year's imprisonment. It will be interesting to see if she can take the place of this Earth's version and whether this will lead to her redemption.

Collision Course was a poor, laughable episode of Arrow that lacked tension or drama in what she have been an emotionally-fraught, climatic showdown between both teams. It undid the good work of the last couple of episodes and makes me wonder if the season really can hope to regain its footing. Right now, I'm not sure I care...

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