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Blu-Ray Review: Doctor Who -The Macra Terror

A lost Doctor Who story from 1967 comes to life in animated form, and is released on Blu-ray.

DVD Review: Pinter at the BBC

Harold Pinter was one of the twentieth century's foremost writers for the stage and screen. This box set from the BFI collects ten plays made for the BBC between 1965 and 1988.

Blu-ray Review: Rogue Male

An Englishman attempts to assassinate Hitler and goes on the run in Rogue Male, made for the BBC in 1976, from Geoffrey Household's novel, starring Peter O'Toole, now a dual-format release from the BFI.

DVD Review: The Battlers

For Australia Day at The Digital Fix, a warm love story set in the Depression, starring Gary Sweet and Jacqueline McKenzie, based on the novel by Kylie Tennant. This 1994 miniseries is released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment.

Blu-ray Review: Quatermass and the Pit

One of the great works of small-screen SF and horror, Nigel Kneale's Quatermass and the Pit, first broadcast in 1958/9, comes to Blu-ray.

DVD Review: Wake in Fright

A Southern Hemisphere Christmas story, but not much in the way of peace on Earth and goodwill to all folks. First there was a novel, then the 1971 film, now a two-part television miniseries.

DVD Review - Star Trek: Discovery Season One

Nick Whitney delves into the season one release of Star Trek: Discovery.

DVD Review: Friday on My Mind

Friday on My Mind, tells the story of The Easybeats, the great Australian rock band of the 1960s, in an engaging two-part miniseries.

DVD Review: Crisis on Earth X

Baz Greenland look back at last year's Arrowverse crossover as 'Crisis on Earth X' gets a DVD release.

Blu-ray Review: Berlin Alexanderplatz

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's epic fifteen-hour television miniseries Berlin Alexanderplatz, from Alfred Döblin's novel, comes to Blu-ray from Second Sight.

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who - The Collection: Season 12

The start of Tom Baker's seven years as The Doctor, the five stories of Season 12 kick off a classic era of the show, and are now released on Blu-ray.

DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World - Special Edition

Once mostly lost, then found again and now out on a special edition DVD, Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World pits the Second Doctor against his evil doppelganger Salamander.

DVD Review: Golden Fiddles

Reviewed for Australia Day, this 1991 miniseries from Mary Grant Bruce's novel follows the ups and downs of a family in 20s/30s Australia, on DVD from Umbrella Entertaiment.

The Shiralee (1987) - DVD Review

D'Arcy Niland's classic novel, as a miniseries from 1987, starring Bryan Brown and Rebecca Smart, on DVD from Umbrella Entertainment.

The Crunch...and Other Stories

Three little-seen TV plays by Nigel Kneale, one of Britain's great screenwriters.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove

Ahoy there mates! Adventure awaits...