Ted Lasso season 3 release date speculation, cast, story, and more

Everything you need know about the Ted Lasso season 3 release date, trailer, cast, and more on Jason Sudeikis's hit comedy Apple TV Plus series

Ted Lasso season 3 release date - Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

After the final whistle was blown on another excellent season of the Apple TV Plus series Ted Lasso, audiences were rocked by a bittersweet ending that left the Greyhounds going up to the Premier League, but some of its key players going down some very surprising paths. So here’s everything we know about the Ted Lasso season 3 release date.

Ending on a cliff-hanger that left us as gobsmacked as that time Luke and Leia went off to find Han, fans around the world were left wondering what the future held for Ted and his loyal Diamond Dogs. Was this the beginning of the end for Keeley and Roy? What did the future hold for the now independent Trent Crimm? And was there any hope to pull Nasty Nathan back from the dark side – also known as West Ham?

All of these questions have been left wide open for the TV series next season, but the biggest one that needs answering is just when are we going to get it? Thankfully, here’s our post-match analysis and everything we know so far about the Ted Lasso season 3 release date.

Ted Lasso season 3 release date speculation

Ted Lasso season 3 was announced in October 2020, but there’s no confirmation as yet when we can expect to get back on the pitch. Our assumption now is that the show will return at some point in early 2023.

Much like the team Ted leads, streaming service Apple TV Plus’s flagship show has felt like an underdog but it’s gone from strength to strength. This explains why a third season was greenlit for Ted Lasso before the second had even finished production.

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However, in a recent interview with TV Line, Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard, admitted the show was unlikely to debut in 2022 due to delays filming the football scenes.

“We are definitely starting later this year than in Season 2, that’s for sure,” Hunt explained. “So I would be surprised if our delivery dates were the same. That’s above my pay grade, I don’t know for sure, but I do have a vague understanding of the limits of this dimension we call time, and I would say it seems pretty unlikely that we would [premiere] as early this year.”

The good news is that production for Ted Lasso season 3 has officially kicked off, it began filming on March 7. So, we may hopefully hear news on a release date soon but don’t hold your breath for a return to AFC Richmond until 2023.

Ted Lasso, Coach Beard, Roy Kent, and Nate

Ted Lasso season 3 plot speculation

Apple isn’t giving much away when it comes to the Ted Lasso season 3 plot, but we do know this will be the final season of the show, so expect most (if not all) of the narrative threads to be wrapped up by the end of the season.

Given that production has just started on Ted Lasso Season 3, details on the next game plan for Ted are currently a closely guarded secret and there’s no info about what’s in store. That said we can make a few educated guesses. Alliances have now been broken, with Nate heading off to coach West Ham under the management of Rupert Mannion, played by Anthony Head.

The move has undoubtedly set up Nick Mohammed’s jilted former ally to become a major antagonist to the Greyhounds in the future, but whether it could lead to his redemption is uncertain. What we do know is that there’s always been a specific game plan with Ted Lasso that the team wants to stick to.

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Speaking to Deadline at the start of October, executive producer Bill Lawrence said that the plan was always to have the show span three seasons and (tap your BELIEVE sign if you’ve got one), ending on a high. “What’s tough to process for me as a writer, who is used to writing network comedy, is this was the end of the season, but the midway point of the show,” said Lawrence. “We said this series was only going to be three seasons.”

However, given an awards cabinet crammed with Emmys and incredible ratings for Apple TV Plus, Lawrence has not ruled out that Season 3 of Ted Lasso could go into extra time and potentially lead to a fourth. “I would probably stay clean and say that even if Ted Lasso goes on, the story the writing staff has been telling had a beginning, middle and end for the first three seasons,” Lawrence told Variety. “And then it might veer off from that.”

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Brett Goldstein, who plays foul-tempered striker, turned pundit, turned coach, echoed Lawrence’s comments on a three-season narrative. He told Mr Porter, they’re working on the new season now, explaining it will wrap up the story they’ve been telling so far.

“We had a three-season arc planned. We are writing the end of that story,” he said. “Whether there’ll be more after that, we’ll see, I genuinely don’t know. But I do know that the story that we were telling over three years will be complete.”

Even the show’s cast doesn’t know the details. Nick Mohammed recently admitted to the BBC he’s just “as excited as the fans are” for Ted Lasso season three but admitted even he doesn’t know what the future holds for Nate, the former great. “I genuinely don’t know,” he explained. “I know bits but not the details. We’ll see if Nate manages to find his way back to Richmond.”

Ted Lasso season 3 release date: Nate and the team

The former Greyhound did tease that redemption may not be so easy for Nate. “The audience are possibly expecting a redemption arc for Nate, and I’d like to see one I think because that would be nice,” he said, before warning the writers may subvert expectations and not redeem the former assistant coach.

Toheeb Jimoh, who plays Sam, did shed some light on the series future though. He told Entertainment Weekly he wants the series to focus on his character’s relationship with Rebecca.

“I will fight for it, 100 percent,” Jimoh said. “But listen, wherever the story goes, it goes… [Sam and Rebecca] are so close, they have an insane chemistry, but I’m also like, if that’s a friendship then, and it’s platonic as well, then that’s also really [great]. I think whatever’s best for them, whatever makes them happy in the end, like, I’m rooting for them.”

In March 2022, at a SXSW Panel, Brendan Hunt dropped a hint that season three could feature a bit more of the origin story between Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton and her cheating ex-husband Rupert Mannion, played by Anthony Head. “I think we might see more of people’s origin stories in season three,” he said.

Waddingham, meanwhile, has said that fans can expect the third season to be “chaotic” for poor Rebeccas as she deals with Rupert’s take over of West Ham.

Ted Lasso season 3 release date


We would say it’s safe to assume the majority of the main cast will be back for the third and final season, including the titular coach, with Jason Sudeikis set to reprise his role as our favourite moustachioed manager.

While Season 2 took the boot to our emotions with betrayals and potential break-ups littered among the laughs, those responsible look to be back for a third-round as well. Currently, there’s been no news of cast set to part ways with Apple’s Emmy-award-winning show, but we could be seeing some supporting stars get a little more screen time next season.

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Following his source-spilling at The Independent, silver-maned journo Trent Crimm (James Lance) gave a fond farewell to the football manager he never really grasped, going off in search of ‘something different.’ The team’s on-site therapist, Dr Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles), who may have been left at the pub, will be back for another round, as well, according to Bill Lawrence. The executive producer told Deadline, “both of them have significant roles next year.”

It was recently revealed that a new cast member will be joining the production for Ted Lasso season 3, in the form of Jodi Balfour. Currently starring in Apple TV Plus series For All Mankind, Balfour will play what is described as a major recurring role, as Jack, a venture capitalist. It remains to be seen how Jack will tie into AFC Richmond, but it’s exciting to have new faces teaming up with Ted and the gang.

Roy and Ted Lasso


While story beats are unknown, and cast calls have yet to be made, the tried and tested formula of ten episodes for Season 3 is a certainty.

Since the beginning (except for Season 1 arriving with a batch of three episodes for Apple TV Plus’s debut), a week-by-week basis has been the given dosage of Ted Lasso’s positivity sprinkled with hard tests and big laughs. Expect the same for the potential hat-trick finish here, as well.

Ted Lasso season 3 release dat: The cast of Ted Lasso season 3

Where can I watch Ted Lasso season 3?

Like the first two seasons, Ted Lasso season 3 will be available to watch on Apple TV Plus. You can subscribe for just £4.99 a month and it comes with a free trial so you can enjoy Ted’s adventures without paying a penny. You can sign up to Apple TV Plus right here.

Unfortunately, Ted Lasso isn’t available on Blu-Ray or DVD so if you’re a fan of physical media you’re out of luck. In the meantime, why not check out our feature on football movies.