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Under the Silver Lake Review

David Robert Mitchell’s beguiling trip through Hollywood's underbelly

New Under the Silver Lake trailer: Andrew Garfield searches for his missing neighbour

Not quite what everyone expected from director David Robert Mitchell

Girls: 6.05 Gummies

Hannah starts telling people about her lentil which culminates in a) losing a stoned Mama Loreen and b) a brutal exchange with Elijah. Ray comes to term with his loss while Adam's begins shooting his film.

Girls: 6.04 Painful Evacuation

A Painful Evacuation: Desi takes steps towards recovery and Adessa decide to make movies (no, not those kind). While Ray suffers a crushing blow and Hannah receives some unexpected news.

Girls: 6.02 Hostage Situation

Poughkeepsie, pills, and W.E.M.U.N - do not miss this week's episode of Girls.

Girls: 5.01 Wedding Day

Hel Jones starts her run of Girls reviews with the opener to season five.