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This Week's UK Cinema Releases

Check out the films released in the UK later this week

The Young Pope: A look back at last year's TV masterpiece

Jude Law is exquisite as the narcisctic Young Pope, in directors Paolo Sorrentino's TV masterpiece; Daniel Theophanous looks back at last year's exquisite drama The Young Pope.

Youth Review

Sorrentino's last visually emotional achievement

Kidulthood (Collector's Edition) Review

Dare we look behind the hoodie? The Director's Cut of the gritty 2006 British youth street drama lends us the opportunity, and it's seldom pretty, as Mark Lee discovers.

Kissy Sell Out - Youth

Kissy gives us a big, wet, summery smacker. Luke McNaney reviews.

Summer Hours Review

Olivier Assayas abandons the expansive global filmmaking of his recent work for an apparently smaller-scale Chekhovian drama that nonetheless has wider resonance and larger generational implications. Noel Megahey reviews the UK DVD release from Artificial Eye.