Tag: wwii

Ashes in the Snow Review

Teenager, Lina, and her family face the horrors of World War II as they struggle to find meaning and dignity.

Call of Duty WWII Review

We're not lost, Private... we're in Normandy.

Carve Her Name with Pride Review

Network brings the freshly remastered true-life story of Violette Szabo to DVD.

Overlord - The Criterion Collection Review

Timed for release on the anniversary of D-Day, Criterion offer up Stuart Cooper's poignant war film on UK Blu-ray.

One Day You'll Understand Review

Jeanne Moreau and Hippolyte Girardot star in Israeli director Amos Gitai's sober examination of the question of the French Vichy government's part in the deportation of Jews during WWII.

Purple Sunset Review

From the director of Gada Meilin, Feng Xiaoning throws together a Chinese prisoner, a Russian female soldier and a Japanese schoolgirl into another epic (anti-)war movie.

The Frogmen Review

It's a simple story but put it in the right place and it works - new CO Richard Widmark takes over a team of US frogmen during the Second World War and causes a near mutiny...