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The TDF Top 10: Classic Doctor Who (1963 - 1989)

In the next Doctor Who TDF Top 10, Baz Greenland picks the 10 greatest stories of the classic era (1963-1989)

Doctor Who: What the Doctors did next

Matt Smith moves on to American Psycho but what did the other Doctors get up to after Who?

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet

On Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary, a look back at the point where it might all have ended, forty-seven years ago...

Dr Who 50th Anniversary: An Adventure in Time and Space

50 years ago, it all began. John reviews the beginning of Doctor Who...

Doctor Who: The Aztecs: Special Edition

The Doctor and his companions go back to 15th Century Mexico in this adventure from 1964, issued in a Special Edition by 2 Entertain.

Double Confession Review

One of the BFI's 75 Most Wanted, now yours to own on DVD.

Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror

The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan go back in time to the French Revolution in <i>The Reign of Terror</i>. This 1964 six-parter comes to DVD including animated versions of its two missing episodes.

Doctor Who: Planet of Giants

The First Doctor and his companions are shrunk to an inch high in this 1964 adventure, released today on DVD by 2 Entertain.

Doctor Who: The Sensorites Review

Sensorites versus humans in this six-part adventure from the Doctor's first season.

Lost Doctor Who episodes rematerialised

Missing episodes featuring the First and Second Doctor revealed at BFI.

Doctor Who: The Space Museum and The Chase Review

Daleks, Dracula and Boba Fett (sort of) are all causing trouble for the First Doctor in this double bill from 1965. James tags along for the ride.