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Westworld: 3.04 The Mother of Exiles

Thrills, action and revelations in the superb latest episode of Westworld season three.

Westworld: 3.03 The Absence of Field

Caleb and Delores connect as Charlotte's journey unravels...

Westworld: 3 01 Parce Domine

Westworld is back and it's a very different show to what we've seen before...

Aaron Paul joins Westworld season three

The Breaking Bad star will be a regular on the third season.

Westworld: 2.10 The Passenger

Westworld delivered a huge finale that took the show in an interesting new direction for the future. Baz Greenland reviews.

Westworld: 2.09 Vanishing Point

The sorry, sad path of the Man in Black forms the key focus of the penultimate episode of Westworld season two...

Westworld: 2.08 Kiksuya

A beautiful, sublime episode that takes Westworld in an intriguing new direction.

Westworld: 2.07 Les Écorchés

A dazzling rollercoaster of an episode. Baz Greenland reviews the latest Westworld.

Westworld: 2.06 Phase Space

Westworld juggles multiple characters and plots as the show enters the second half of the season. Baz Greenland reviews.

Westworld: 2.04 The Riddle of the Sphinx

A tense and dramatic episode that began to explore the mystery behind William, the Man in Black...

Westworld: 2.03 Virtù e Fortuna

Another fantastic episode of Westworld that continues to explore Delores' war against humanity as the host uprising continues...

HBO renews Westworld for season three

The most exciting show on television will return for a third season.

Westworld: 2.02 Reunion

Westworld continues to go from strength to strength; Baz Greenland reviews the latest season two episode 'The Reunion'