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Dolemite Is My Name! trailer: Eddie Murphy stars as the king of Blaxploitation

The biopic tells the story of one of the most influential Black comedians of the 20th century

Cut Throat City trailer: RZA takes us back to life after Hurricane Katrina

The producer/rapper turned director gets ready to release his third film

Blade UK Blu-ray in October

The original is also coming to UK Blu-ray later this year...

Blade 2 & Blade Trinity UK Blu-rays

The sequels finally get a UK Blu-ray release...

Game of Death (2010) (US) in February

Not the Bruce Lee film, but a more recent Wesley Snipes outing...

Fight Factory Collections in October

Box-sets featuring six films starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Wesley Snipes arrive later this month...

Blade: Trinity - Extreme Version Review

Long-time <i>Blade</i> fanatic D.J. Nock takes a gander at the R1 Canadian release of the rather disappointing <i>Blade: Trinity</i>; a fun, if misjudged finale to the series. Is New Line's two-disc set worth getting your teeth into, or should it bite the dust?

Blade: Trinity Review

Wesley Snipes returns as the leather-clad vampire-killer for the third movie based on Marvel Comics' blend of gothic horror and high-tech action. This time he teams up with fellow hunters Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel to take on the oldest and most powerful vampire of all, the legendary Dracula. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Blade 2 Review

<b>Alexander Larman</b> has reviewed the theatrical release of <a href="index.cgi?page=CinemaReview&id=95&story=2959">Blade 2</a>. Easily surpassing the original, Guillermo del Toro's dementedly OTT film is one of the most guiltily enjoyable films to come out of Hollywood for some time <p>