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The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 Review

Hidden in the long shadow of Wes Craven's success lies the lost opportunities of The Hills Have Eyes Part 2.

Wes Craven has died aged 76

He'll always be in our nightmares.

Deadly Blessing Review

Dual-format upgrade for the Wes Craven horror.

Deadly Blessing in March

Wes Craven's 1981 horror coming soon to UK Blu-ray.

Deadly Blessing Review

Wes Craven's underrated 1981 shocker gets a decent DVD release from Arrow.

Deadly Blessing (R2) in November

This early Wes Craven feature comes to UK DVD in November...

Scream 1-3 Boxset Review

It screamed life into the tired teen slasher genre, and this Blu-ray boxset arrives just in time for Craven's Scream 4. Mark Lee reviews.

Scream Trilogy (UK BD) in April

The first three Scream films come to UK Blu-ray in April, timed to the cinema release of Scream 4...

Scream 1-3 (US BD) in March

The first three Scream films arrive on US Blu-ray later this month...

My Soul To Take (US) in February

This new thriller from Wes Craven comes to US DVD and Blu-ray in February...

Phantasm II + Horror Collections from Universal

Universal packages together some John Carpenter and Wes Craven films for two new budget collections and also release Phantasm II on DVD in September...

The Last House on the Left R1 CE in February

Wes Craven's horror classic makes yet another appearance on DVD, with this R1 release timed around the theatrical release of the remake...

The Last House on the Left R2 Ultimate Edition in October

Wes Craven's infamous 1972 horror is presented uncut and uncensored on UK DVD for the first time...