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Hard Times Review

Walter Hill's 1975 directorial debut gets a dazzling 4K restoration from Eureka.

The Driver Review

Mike takes a look at the new Studiocanal Region B Blu-Ray of Walter Hill's crime classic.

Streets of Fire Review

Second Sight release Walter Hill's cult movie in a very nice Blu-Ray edition.

The Long Riders Review

Walter Hill's beautiful Western comes to Region B Blu-Ray from Second Sight.

Bullet To The Head Review

Stallone sets a bad example to his fellow pensioners in Walter Hill's defiantly old-fashioned action movie.

The Long Riders in June

Blu-ray on its way for Walter Hill's classic Western.

Bullet to the Head in June

The Stallone-starrer hits UK Blu-ray in June.

Southern Comfort Review

Go back to the bayou with this HD release of Walter Hill's hard-edged thriller...