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The Witch of Kings Cross Review

The Witch of Kings Cross is a documentary about artist and occultist Rosaleen Norton, often add odds with the conservatism of Australian society and the law.

The Furnace Review

The Furnace is a debut feature from writer/director, Roderick Mackay, a western set during the 1890s Australian Gold Rush.

Rams Review

Sam Neill and Michael Caton star in Rams, an enjoyable remake of the 2015 Icelandic film, relocated to Western Australia.

Penguin Bloom Review

Based on a true story, Penguin Bloom is out in Australian cinemas and in the UK on Netflix now.

New short film and documentary streaming platform Filmpixs launches globally in February

A new Short film and documentary streaming platform, Filmpixs, launches globally on 17 February. Here's what's on offer.

Notturno Review

Italy's contender for the 2021 Oscars enables the Middle East to speak for itself.

The Kid Stakes Review

Restored by the National Film and Sound Archive, The Kid Stakes remains a classic Australian silent comedy, still charming and funny to this day.

Hearts and Bones Review

An impressive dramatic feature debut from Ray Lawrence, Hearts and Bones is now available to stream in the UK.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

While Wonder Woman 1984 takes affirmative action to course correct it's predecessor, the plot doesn't do enough to hold it up.

One Night In Miami Review

Marvellous performances and respectful direction make this a film that deserves your attention.

Blithe Spirit Review

What laughs will be manifested by a visitation from these spirits?

Robin's Wish Review

Although enlightening this documentary doesn't hold attention. One more for keen fans than curious viewers.