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Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep

One of the scariest of all 1960s Doctor Who stories, Fury from the Deep is a lost story, now released in animated form on Blu-ray.

Victoria coming to DVD on 10th October

The series Jenna Coleman left Doctor Who for...

Victoria renewed for a second series by ITV

Jenna Coleman continue her reign into 2017...

Steven Moffat Confirms There Will Be A Full Series Of Doctor Who in 2016

Moffat and Capaldi running the TARDIS for at least one more full year!

UPDATED: Jenna Coleman IS leaving Doctor Who

Is Clara about to leave the Doctor for good?

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear

Rediscovered after having been lost for decades, the Doctor's encounter with the Yeti in the London Underground comes to DVD.

Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World

Recently rediscovered, this once mostly lost Second Doctor story, with Patrick Troughton playing both hero and villain, comes to DVD.

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors

The Doctor's first encounter with the tall reptilian creatures from Mars comes to DVD, with animated reconstructions of its two missing episodes.

Doctor Who: Revisitations 3

Doctors Two and Four, plus One, Two and Three, in three stories given a new lick of paint and additional extras.