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Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.16 I Have a Date Tonight

Three dates, an ensemble piece and no hot air balloons - the penultimate episode reminds us how far Rebecca has come on her journey

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.14 I'm Finding My Bliss

Questionable musical theatre and love squares in the latest episode.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.11 I'm Almost Over You

Crazy Ex Girlfriend goes there with an 'it was all a dream' episode.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.10 I Can Work With You

Becky Kukla reviews the latest season four episode.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.08 I'm Not The Person I Used To Be

A major character return poses the question of how much Rebecca has changed.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.07 I Will Help You

Naomi is back and she's not happy with Rebecca's career change.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.05 I'm So Happy For You

Change is coming earlier than expected and Rebecca is not okay with it...

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.04 I'm Making Up For Lost Time

Rebecca makes up for lost time in the latest episode.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4:03 I'm On My Own Path

It's time for a career change, Boys II Men style.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.02 I Am Ashamed

Crazy Ex Girlfriend embraces Halloween in its second episode. Becky Kukla reviews...

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4:01 I Want To Be Here

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is back for its final season. Will things improve for Rebecca after her season three break throughs? Or will it all still be about sexy, dangerous musical numbers? Rat-at-ta...