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Ju-On Origins: Season One Review

The latest addition to the Ju-On franchise puts shock above intelligent scares, and little else.

True Blood: Season Six on DVD & Blu-ray in June

Only one season left, relive the penultimate year.

Kiss of the Damned Review

Eureka! bring Xan Cassavetes feature debut to UK homes...

Dracula: 1.06 - Of Monsters and Men

Handsome, brainy but can't do garlic bread. Episode 6 of Dracula

Blood Knights Review

There will be blood, in this vampire-themed hack-and-slash.

Subspecies / Bloodstone: Subspecies II Review

Ted Nicolaou's Vampire series comes to blu-ray. John takes a bite of parts one and two

Blade UK Blu-ray in October

The original is also coming to UK Blu-ray later this year...

Blade 2 & Blade Trinity UK Blu-rays

The sequels finally get a UK Blu-ray release...

Underworld Awakening Review

Kate Beckinsale's PVC-clad warrior woman returns to our screens on UK 3D Blu-ray.

Stake Land Review

Jim Mickle follows up Mulberry Street with a more polished and accessible post-apocalyptic undead yarn.


Is Buffy's mystery thriller worth your time?

Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island Review

A slick and stylish adaptation of the Manga which, unfortunately, outstays its welcome.

Let Me In (UK) in March

The US adaptation of Let The Right One In comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in March...

Various Artists - The Vampire Diaries - Original Television Soundtrack

Luke McNaney bites into yet another vamp-centric soundtrack.

Brotherhood of Blood Review

Victoria Pratt plunges into the vampires' nest and meets some famous horror faces in Brotherhood of Blood. Mark Lee reviews.