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The Year That Was: September 2013

A look back at September 2013 on The Digital Fix.

Half-Life 3 - it is definitely on the way...

Two separate hints have appeared that suggest <B>Half Life 3</B> is definitely in development and that we should expect a reveal very soon...

Valve launching Steam operating system

Valve announce Linux-based operating system for Steam, their hugely successful PC digital distribution hub.

Valve poised to announce the Steam Box...

Could other surprises be in the pipeline?

IMO: A Comical Analogue

Could J.J. & Gabe do for games what Marvel have done for comics?

PC Gaming News Roundup

Indie developers unhappy, DRM dropped and a new gaming platform?

Valve Creates Portal 2 Mod For Skyrim

Skyrim...now with 100% more Nolan North