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Dingo Blu-ray Review

Colin Friels and Miles Davis (in his only big-screen acting role) star in DIngo, directed by Rolf de Heer, released on Blu-ray by Umbrella in its Sunburnt Screens line.

Walkabout Review

A key part of Nicolas Roeg's decade-and-a-half great run of films, Walkabout is released on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment.

An Angel at My Table Review

Based on Janet Frame's autobiographies, with a breakthrough performance from Kerry Fox, An Angel at My Table is a key film by Jane Campion, now released on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment.

The Chain Reaction Review

The Chain Reaction mixes then-topical anti-nuclear concerns with a conspiracy thriller. On Blu-ray from Umbrella Entertainment in its Ozploitation Classics line, it is reviewed for Australia Day.

DVD Review: The Battlers

For Australia Day at The Digital Fix, a warm love story set in the Depression, starring Gary Sweet and Jacqueline McKenzie, based on the novel by Kylie Tennant. This 1994 miniseries is released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment.

Lost Gully Road Review

A ghost story with a timely subtext, Lost Gully Road comes to DVD from Umbrella Entertainment.

Next of Kin Review

One of Tarantino's favourites, this stylish long forgotten Ozploitation classic is finally back!

Razorback Review

Russell Mulcahy moved from music videos to the big screen with Razorback, a visually striking and often surreal eco-horror film, released on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment.

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Review

A powerful, violent and at the time controversial adaptation of Thomas Keneally's novel, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith is a major Australian film of the 1970s.

Sunday Too Far Away Review

Released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment, Sunday Too Far Away is a classic of 1970s Australian cinema.

Tanna Review

A story of forbidden love, set and made on the Pacific Island of the title,

DVD Review: Golden Fiddles

Reviewed for Australia Day, this 1991 miniseries from Mary Grant Bruce's novel follows the ups and downs of a family in 20s/30s Australia, on DVD from Umbrella Entertaiment.

Fair Game Review

Some down-and-dirty Ozploitation with Fair Game for Australia Day.

Dark Age Review

A giant crocodile on the rampage, in Ozploitation classic Dark Age.