Twin Peaks

Who killed Laura Palmer remains one of the most iconic TV mysteries of all time. David Lynch's mix of supernatural, procedural and twisted soap opera had a lasting mark on television and returned for an unprecedented third season more than twenty five years after its cancellation. Check out our 'Twin Peaks Revisited' reviewing every episodes of the original two seasons and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me' and the weekly reviews of the 2017 revival...

Twin Peaks Delayed Until 2017?

Production will start this September...

Another Familiar Face Returns For Heroes Reborn

Dr Mohinder Suresh is the latest character to return.

The Second Season - Why Year Two Is The Make Or Break It For Any Show

From Broadchurch to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, what makes the second season so key to a show's longevity?

David Lynch departs Twin Peaks revival

The show <i>will</i> continue without David Lynch in the director's chair.

Masi Oka Returning for Heroes Reborn

Welcoming back its first returning Hiro...

Fox close to green-lighting a limited run of new X Files episodes

Mulder and Scully to return as The X Files brings closure...

Heroes Reborn adds three new cast members

Lots of new faces - but do fans really want more Heroes?

UPDATED: Is Twin Peaks' return in jeopardy?

David Lynch confirms there are 'complications'...

Why Twin Peaks’ Return Is A Great Television Event

Twin Peak's return may be one of the best television announcements in years...

Special Events Announced for the Belfast Film Festival

La Traviata in a cathedral. Cool Hand Luke in a gaol. And Twin Peaks night.

Introcasts: Enhancing your TV watching

Highly-regarded TV shows are now attracting spoiler-free commentary and conjecture podcasts (introcasts), aimed at people who never saw the shows when they were first on television - a brief overview of the genre.

Top Ten: First Episodes

A good beginning is hard to get. Which are the best?

Twin Peaks Season 2 & Definitive Gold Box Edition (R2) in March

Twin Peaks Season 2 and the Definitive Gold Box Edition featuring both seasons and the original pilot finally come to the UK in March 2010...