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Deadwood: The Movie Review

13 years after disappearing from our screens, the folk of Deadwood reunite for one last time

Full Deadwood trailer: The old town faces up to a new future

Fans of the TV show get a better look at what's in-store this May

Bojack Horseman: 5.02 The Dog Days Are Over

Becky Kukla continues her daily reviews of Bojack Horseman season 5.

Preacher: 2.13 The End of the Road

Preacher ends its uneven second season with a fittingly uneven finale.

Preacher: 2.12 On Your Knees

The penultimate Preacher is filled with momentous actions.

Preacher: 2.10 Dirty Little Secret

Jesse doesn't get the answers he wants in an eventful Preacher.

Preacher: 2.09 Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece is another high in the roller coaster that is Preacher's second season.

Orphan Black: Season Five Review

BBC's clone drama goes out exactly how it came in.

Preacher: 2.08 Holes

Everyone mopes around in a slow Preacher.

Preacher: 2.07 Pig

Welcome to Preacher, Herr Starr.

Preacher: 2.04 Viktor

Preacher shows us what you get when you combine Billy Joel, Adolf Hitler, and Frankie Muniz

Preacher: 2.03 Damsels

Preacher looks for God in the most obvious place: the seedy side of New Orleans.

Preacher: 2.01, 2.02

The wildest road trip ever is off to a bloody strong start.

7 Films on Freeview TV for the week ahead

Another week of brilliant films ahead...