Tag: true-story

A Hidden Life Review

Terrence Malick returns to World War II with a quiet tale of pacifism under Nazi rule

Le Mans '66 Review

Once upon a time at Le Mans

LFF 2019: Official Secrets Review

In the third of this year's post 9/11 political dramas, Keira Knightley stars as British whistleblower Katharine Gun

LFF 2019: The Report Review

The American government takes a long hard look at itself in this politically urgent drama starring Adam Driver

Hotel Mumbai Review

The Taj Hotel terrorist attack of 2008 re-enacted in a tense thriller

The Mercy Review

Detailing amateur sailor Donald Crowshurst's attempt to win the Golden Globe Race and the lengths he went to in order to cover up his failure.

Hacksaw Ridge Review

No, you didn't mishear that: "a pacifist war film from 'Mad Mel' Gibson"

Texas Killing Fields (UK) in April

This action crime thriller gets a barebones release...

Machine Gun Preacher (UK) in March

Gerard Butler stars in this film about one man's efforts to save the children of South Sudan...

My Week With Marilyn in March

This film about Marilyn Monroe comes to UK and USA DVD/BD in March...