Tag: torture

Territories Review

Is Olivier Abbou's gritty incarceration study a timely reminder of Guantanamo Bay, or a cynical exploitation of the 9/11 anniversary? Mark Lee finds out.

The Pack Review

Some impressively stylish horror is diluted by an inconsistent and wavering delivery in Franck Richard's rural French shocker.

Saw: The Final Chapter Review

The Final Chapter must surely kill off the Saw series; does it exit with a bang, or a whimper? Mark Lee finds out.

Missing Review

Brutality, sadism, and torture; does Missing offer us anything beyond? Mark Lee finds out.

7 Days Review

Far more intelligent and thought-provoking than its sensationalist cover would suggest, Grou's analysis of revenge will still prove too distressing for most. Mark Lee reviews.

The Loved Ones Review

Always look out for the quiet ones, as Mark Lee discovers in Sean Byrne's Aussie shocker, The Loved Ones.

The Final Review

A homage to the brutality of modern horror shockers, or a pointless document of teen on teen torture? Mark Lee reviews The Final.

Antichrist Review

Lars Von Trier's controversial movie is released on Blu-ray by Artificial Eye, and it has a tendency to polarise audiences, but there's no denying the visual gusto, as Mark Lee discovers.

Funny Games Review

Recently remade for US audiences, Michael Haneke’s original 1997 film portrays a bourgeois Austrian family who are held captive and tortured, and questions our reactions to what we are seeing. Noel Megahey reviews the new Artificial Eye release.