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Director James Gray's new film arrives in cinemas in less than two weeks time

New Ad Astra trailer: Brad Pitt is ready to find astronaut father, Tommy Lee Jones

A second trailer emerges ahead of its release in two months time

Ad Astra trailer - Brad Pitt travels through space in search of his father to save humanity

We get a first look a director James Gray's delayed sci-fi which now has a new release date

Black Moon Rising Review

Tommy Lee Jones stars in car heist thriller Black Moon Rising on Blu-ray from Arrow Video.

Shock and Awe trailer: Rob Reiner's new film investigates the lies behind the Iraq War

A group of journalists try to uncover the real reason for the 2003 invasion

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A high-concept memory thriller

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Tommy Lee Jones gives us another take on the western with 'The Homesman'

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We have the brand new trailer to Tommy Lee Jones' latest directorial effort.

Lincoln Review

Daniel-Day Lewis channels Honest Abe for Spielberg in this really quite good lesson in history and politics

Lincoln (US) in March

Full details on Spielberg's award-winner.

Lincoln Review

Spielberg's account of how Honest Abe brought an end to slavery in the US

Men in Black 3 in November

The Men in Black are back in UK homes this November...

Men in Black 3 Review

Mr Smith and Mr Jones slide back in to the black suits

Men in Black Blu-rays in May

UK and US release of the first film and its sequel on Blu-ray...

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The Tarantino fave gets the Blu-ray treatment. It's only available as a DVD-R in the States...

Rolling Thunder (UK) in January

This revenge thriller comes to UK DVD/BD Double Play in January...

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Flight of the Conchords actor has been cast in the next MIB film...

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Agents J and K are donning their shades once again...