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Introducing... Abi Hudson

Time to meet seventeen year old star-in-the-making Abi Hudson

Introducing... Emmi

TDF readers, meet Emmi. Emmi, meet the TDF readers!

Introducing... SHEL

It's about time you met these sisters

Demi Louise shares video for Taxi Driver

Shot on a shoestring but you really wouldn't know!

Malka reveals video for Wonder Why

You certainly won't be wondering why after watching this cracking vid.

Listen - Keiandra reveals debut single, 'Wanted'

Dreamy vocals mark our Keiandra as one to watch.

Jake Aldridge's self-funded video, filmed in Spain

Aldridge's latest R&B track gets a self-funded video.

Guest Blog: How changes to the BBC could affect the UK new music scene

The BBC is under threat and it's not just our TV that is at risk.

Jemma Johnson - Enough EP

Debut EP from one of our favourite #TMFGrassroots artists.

Roxanne de Bastion - Rerun

Latest single from the EP.