The X Files

Chris Carter's The X Files was the cultural zeitgeist of the 1990s, turning Mulder and Scully into television heroes. With its mix of aliens, conspiracies, monsters and serial killers, it revolutionised cult television and returned for new six-part revival in 2016 and another 10 episodes in 2018. Check out our 'The X Files Revisited', reviewing key episodes from across all seasons and both movies and our weekly reviews of season 11.

The X Files Revisited: 10.02 Founder's Mutation

The X Files follows it's classic formula in a modern era as we continue to revisit the 2016 revival...

The X Files Revisited: 10.01 My Struggle

Almost a year after it's first airing, Baz Greenland revisits the opening episode of The X Files revival...

The X Files Revisited: The 2nd Movie - I Want To Believe

It's the long gap between series as the latest 'The X Files Revisited' from Baz Greenland ponders the strangeness of the second movie, I Want To Believe...

End of year television review: The best and worst of 2016

The Digital Fix covers another year of television. Did your favourites make the list?

The X Files Revisited: 9.19 The Truth

The X Files puts the truth on trial in the last episode of the original run. Welcome to the frustrating mess that is The Truth...

The X Files Revisited: 9.18 Sunshine Days

Can the mystery of a man obsessed with The Brady Bunch be the best episode of The X Files season nine?

The X Files Revisited: 9.17 Release

John Doggett takes centre stage one final time as the mystery of his son's murder is finally resolved...

The X Files Revisited: 9.16 William

Scully gives up her child in one of the worst acts the show ever committed, as season nine of our 'The X Files Revisited' nears its end...

The X Files Revisited: 9.15 Jump The Shark

The Lone Gunmen reach the end of the line. Does Jump The Shark give them a satisfactory ending or does The X Files truly 'jump the shark'?

The X Files Revisited: 9.13 Improbable

Burt Reynolds is God and Reyes is trying to catch a killer using numerology. Is Improbable a comedy classic?

The X Files Revisited: 9.11 Audrey Pauley

Reyes is trapped in a Purgatory-style dream world while Doggett rushes to save her life in the latest season nine 'The X Files Revisited' from Baz Greenland.

The X Files Revisited: 9.08 Hellbound

Reyes investigates a grisly case with people skinned alive; our The X Files Revisited reaches season nine's Hellbound...

The X Files Revisited: 9.07 John Doe

Doggett finds himself stranded in Mexico with no memory of who he is. This latest 'The X Files Revisited' proves there was still life in the show in season nine...

The X Files Revisited: 9.06 Trust No 1

This paranoid conspiracy thriller proves to be the best mythology episode of a bad bunch in this latest season nine 'The X Files Revisited'.

The X Files Revisited: 9.04 4-D

Reyes attempts to clear her name as Doggett lies hospitalised near death, in this intriguing parallel universe episode; it's the latest season nine 'The X Files Revisited' from Baz Greenland.

The X Files Revisited: 9.01, 9,02 Nothing Important Happened Today

A lackluster season opener that undoes all the goodwill of season eight. Baz Greenland's 'The X Files revisited' is back, kicking off with mythology season nine two-parter Nothing Important Happened Today...

The X Files Revisited: 8.20 Essence, 8.21 Existence

An exciting finale as Mulder, Doggett, Skinner and Krycek face the alien super soldiers while Reyes helps Scully prepare for the birth of her child; it's the dramatic two-part season eight conclusion Essence and Existence. But should this have been the end?

The X Files season 11: Official announcement expected 'within weeks'

Could we be getting 10 new episodes of The X Files next year?

The X Files Revisited: 8.19 Alone

The latest 'The X Files Revisited' sees Scully leave the X Files and Doggett gain a new partner as the show transitions into a new era.

The X Files Revisited: 8.18 Vienen

It's the changing of the guard as Mulder and Doggett face the threat of the alien black oil on an oil rig.