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Happy Halloween! The Walking Dead Is Renewed For Season Seven

Still going strong but will anyone be left alive by the end?

Fear The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead Spinoff - Gets A Spinoff

A terrifying ordeal in the skies in this latest expansion of The Walking Dead TV mythology...

Fear The Walking Dead Will Run Parallel With The Walking Dead

The spin off may catch up with The Walking Dead sooner or later.

The Walking Dead: 5.16 Conquer

Is this the best show currently on TV? Yes.

Last week today or the week in short: 2nd March 2015

More of the team review the weeks telly in a line or two.

The Walking Dead: 5.10 Them

A harrowing, challenging hour of pain.

The Winter Finale - When Did This Become A Thing?

Are we getting two seasons in one? Or is it just a jazzed-up mid-season cliff-hanger to keep audiences hooked?