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The Walking Dead gains a new showrunner as it is renewed for season nine

Scott M. Gimple will be replaced by Angela Kang for season nine...

End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2017

The Digital Fix writers look at the highlights of another year of television. Did your favourite show make the cut?

The Walking Dead: 8.08 How It's Gotta Be

The Walking Dead reached its midseason finale this week. Alex White reviews 'How It's Gotta Be'.

The Walking Dead: 8.06 The King, The Widow and Rick, 8.07 Time For After

Another double review from Alex Rose as she looks at episodes six and seven of The Walking Dead season eight.

The Punisher: Season One Review

Craig Huntley gives his largely spoiler-free thoughts on season one of The Punisher.

The Walking Dead: 8.05 The Big Scary U

Negan's past is finally explored in this latest season eight episode. Alex Rose reviews...

The Walking Dead: 8.04 Some Guy

Ezekiel takes centre stage in the latest The Walking Dead. Alex White reviews.

The Walking Dead: 8.02 The Damned, 8.03 Monsters

Alex White catches up on the next two episodes of The Walking Dead season eight before the latest new installment.

The Walking Dead: 8.01 Mercy

The Walking Dead is back and ready for war. Alex White reviews the season 8 opener 'Mercy'

Fear The Walking Dead: Season Three Review

Craig Huntley reviews the third season of Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead crossover planned

A character from the spin-off will appear on the parent show

The Star Trek we could have had...

Where no Trek scriptwriter has gone before...

Guessed the spoiler? Are modern audiences too savvy for TV show twists?

Baz Greenland looks into the murky waters of TV twists and wonders if modern audiences are too experienced to ever be surprised...

The Dark Tower TV series gets The Walking Dead veteran as showrunner

The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara will oversee the adaptation of the fourth book in the Stephen King series Wizard And Glass.

It's time for war in the new season eight trailer for The Walking Dead

Rick versus Negan; who will win as war erupts in the new season eight trailer for The Walking Dead

Doctor Who: 10.05 Oxygen

Doctor Who series 10 delivers its first genuine classic in an episode filled with shocks and scares; Baz Greenland reviews Doctor Who's twist on zombies in space...

The Walking Dead: 7.16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Was the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead good, or just another disappointment? Alex White reviews The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

The Walking Dead: 7.15 Something They Need

With one episode of season seven to go, Alex White reviews The Walking Dead's 'Something They Need.'

The Walking Dead: 7.14 The Other Side

Alex White reviews new Walking Dead episode The Other Side.

Comic Book Club: On 25 Years of Image Comics

In this debut of Comic Book Club, join us in celebrating the anniversary by looking at 25 of the best from the best.