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Strangled Review

A psychotic killer is on the prowl in the provincial town of Martfü, Hungary.

Guessed the spoiler? Are modern audiences too savvy for TV show twists?

Baz Greenland looks into the murky waters of TV twists and wonders if modern audiences are too experienced to ever be surprised...

The Killing: Season Four

The final season of <b>The Killing</b> is here. Six hours to wrap things up.

The Killing goes on

It seems impossible to kill The Killing.

Borgen - 2.01 - 2.02: 89,000 Children & In Brussels, No-One Can Hear You Scream

The return of Denmark's popular political drama! Can it outshine The Killing again?

How Will It End? - Finales Before Christmas Round-Up

This weekend sees several shows wrapping up before Christmas! Our thoughts and predictions for Him & Her, Misfits, The Killing and Dexter finales.

The Killing III: Episodes 7-8

The penultimate week of Danish death... EVER! Whodunnit? Whytheydunnit?

THE KILLING Series III & Trilogy

Trailer for Series 3 of the hit Danish-crime drama series...

"THE KILLING" Series III & Trilogy

Trailer for Series 3 of the hit Danish-crime drama series...

The Killing III - Episodes 1-6

The final year of The Killing is here - can Sarah Lund change that jumper and solve some crime?

Borgen: Series 1 – Final Review

Is BBC4's political drama another landslide victory for Danish TV?

The Killing final series to be "darker and heavier"

The first news about Forbrydelsen series 3, and it's looking gloomy. But in a good way.

We Recommend: Borgen

Will BBC4's latest Danish drama make a Killing in the ratings?

The Killing II - Final Review

Can the second series of the Danish murder mystery possibly live up to the beloved first one?

We Recommend: The Killing II

The acclaimed Danish crime series returns - and here's some more acclaim from us.

Midway Review: The Killing

Does this murder mystery import leave us saying "whodunnit" or "whydidwebovver"?