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The Good Place: 3.10 The Book Of Dougs

The Good Place returned for the first of its final three season three episodes...

The Good Place: 3.09 Janet(s)

The latest adventure of Michael, Janet, Janet, Janet, Janet and Janet...

The Good Place: 3.07 The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

Do we have free will? The Good Place tackles this concept in the latest season three episode.

The Good Place: 3.06 A Fractured Inheritance

This week it is Eleanor and Tahani's turn for closure as they both make family visits....

The Good Place: 3.05 The Ballad of Donkey Doug

The team splits up as they begin their quest to save as many souls as possible. Jess Thomas reviews...

The Good Place: 3.04 Jeremy Bearimy

Chaos ensues after Chidi, Eleanor, Jason and Tahani find out about the afterlife. Jess Thomas goes along for the ride...

The Good Place: 3.03 The Snowplow

Jessica Thomas reviews this weeks episode of The Good Place as Janet and Michael begin their life on Earth.

The Good Place: 3.02 The Brainy Bunch

Michael and Janet frantically try to keep the group together as demon Trevor attempts to tear them apart. Jessica Thomas reviews...

The Good Place: 3.01 Everything is Bonzer

What awaits our four lovable human disasters now that they have been sent back to Earth? Jessica Thomas reviews the opening episode of season 3 of The Good Place

End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2017

The Digital Fix writers look at the highlights of another year of television. Did your favourite show make the cut?

Television Top Trumps: Parks & Rec's Ben Wyatt vs The Good Place's Trevor

This weeks, Jacki Badger pits Adam Scott against Adam Scott. Can his new The Good Place character beat his big Parks & Rec role?

The Good Place gets an early renewal as NBC picks up the show for a third season

There's no leaving The Good Place as it gets another thirteen episodes...