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The Gifted cancelled by Fox - season three no longer happening

The show previously picked up a third season renewal.

The Gifted: 2.05 afterMath

The Gifted fails to gain the momentum it needs as season two continues.

The Gifted: 2.04 outMatched

Andy and Lauren came face to face in the latest episode of the Mutant drama.

The Gifted: 2.03 coMplications

The Morlocks make their introduction in an episode very much focused on family.

The Gifted: 2.02 UnMoored

There was plenty of conflict in the ranks as The Gifted season two continues...

The Gifted: 2.01 eMergence

The Gifted is back for season two. Baz Greenland reviews the opening episode of the mutant drama.

The Gifted: 1.12 eXtraction, 1.13 X-roads

Baz Greenland reviews the two-part finale of The Gifted season one

The Gifted: 1.11 3X1

The Gifted kicks off its final three episodes of season one. Baz Greenland reviews the latest installment.

The Gifted renewed for season two

Fox picks up the X-Men themed series for another run.

The Gifted: 1.10 eXploited

The threat of Trask Industries becomes more apparent in the latest episode of The Gifted. Baz Greenland continues his reviews...

The Gifted: 1.09 outfoX

Another strong episode of The Gifted as the Mutant Underground takes the fight to Sentinel Services...

The Gifted: 1.08 Threat of eXtinction

The Gifted raises its game in an episode filled with revelations, action and drama. Baz Greenland reviews.

The Gifted: 1.07 eXtreme measures

The Gifted continues to question the morality of its characters; Baz Greenland reviews the latest episode.

The Gifted: 1.06 got your siX

The Gifted continues to improve in it's sixth episode. Baz Greenland reviews...

The Gifted: 1.05 boXed in

A stronger episode as The Gifted reaches its mid-way point.

The Gifted: 1.04 eXit strategy

Some interesting ideas and cool action, but is The Gifted going anywhere?

The Gifted: 1.03 eXodus

The Gifted reaches its half way point; but did this episode do enough to raise the game?

The Gifted: 1.02 rx

As The Gifted continues, can it carve out its own niche in the superhero TV genre?