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Fox cancels Lucifer and The Exorcist

The two supernatural dramas are the latest casualties in the latest phase of US TV renewals and cancellations

The Exorcist: 2.10 Unworthy

Adios hermano - Tomas, Marcus and Mouse race to save Andy's soul once and for all in The Exorcist season two finale.

End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2017

The Digital Fix writers look at the highlights of another year of television. Did your favourite show make the cut?

The Exorcist: 2.09 Ritual & Repetition

Without Tomas, Marcus must face Andy alone and attempt to keep Rose and the children from further harm.

The Exorcist: 2.08 A Heaven of Hell

A misstep during the exorcism gives the demon the upper hand and we finally learn the details of Marcus and Mouse's history.

The Exorcist: 2.07 Help Me

The old grey lion and his cub battle to save Andy's soul.

The Exorcist: 2.06 Darling Nikki

The evil has taken on another form making it even harder for Andy to fight, while Bennett and Mouse come face-to-face with Maria the Monster.

The Exorcist: 2.04 One For Sorrow

Bennett comes face-to-face with what Mouse has been keeping in the catacomb while Marcus and Tomas arrive on Nachburn Island to meet Andy and his family.

The Exorcist: 2.03 Unclean

Marcus and Tomas attempt to help Harper Graham and Bennett finally meets Cardinal Caro's contact. While, on Nachburn Island things get weirder.

The Exorcist: 2.02 Safe as Houses

Father Tomas and Marcus try to save Cindy as the demon burrows deeper.

The Exorcist: 2.01 Janus

Padres Tomas and Marcus are back for the second season of The Exorcist

Elementary, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Exorcist and The Goldbergs lead the latest US series to be renewed

Have your favourite US TV shows survived this year's slate of cancellations and renewals?

The Flash: 3.15 The Wrath of Savitar

Just who is Savitar? Baz Greenland reviews the latest episode of The Flash.

Nicolas Cage Says I Am Wrath

He’s taking law into his own hands...again.

The Exorcist: Extended Director's Cut Review

Your mum knits socks in hull... or some such. John reviews The Exorcist on blu