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Emma. Review

Autumn de Wilde brings Jane Austen's Emma back to life in her directorial debut.

Ask Dr. Ruth: The Sex Education We All Deserve

Emily Maskell discusses sexpert and all round trailblazer Dr. Ruth Westheimer who's the subject of a new documentary Ask Dr. Ruth.

TDF Film Podcast 52 - Ten Films from 2018

We missed out on recording our usual End of Year Filmcast for 2018, so now five contributors have come together to pick two films each from their personal top ten lists of 2018!

Burning Review

Burning is a thriller like no other

The Wound Review

A South African coming-of-age love story about cultural tradition, sexual identity and divided loyalty

Gaming @ The Digital Fix - The Future

We need you to help create the new Gaming @ The Digital Fix

To the Devil ... a Daughter Review

...and suddenly the screams of a baby born in Hell!

The Wall Review

This isn't war. It's a game.

The Digital Fix re-launch!

We went to sleep - and when we woke up everything was different!