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Batwoman 2.01: What Happened to Kate Kane?

The season two premiere of Batwoman, introduces the world to Ryan Wilder, an unassuming individual who suddenly finds herself in possession of Batwoman's suit.

The TDF Top 10: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

We head to West Covina in our next TDF Top 10 as Daisy Treloar picks the 10 greatest episodes of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Batwoman: 1.04 Who Are You?

The first villain of the week episode doesn't disappoint...

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.08 I'm Not The Person I Used To Be

A major character return poses the question of how much Rebecca has changed.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.05 I'm So Happy For You

Change is coming earlier than expected and Rebecca is not okay with it...

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.04 I'm Making Up For Lost Time

Rebecca makes up for lost time in the latest episode.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4:03 I'm On My Own Path

It's time for a career change, Boys II Men style.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.02 I Am Ashamed

Crazy Ex Girlfriend embraces Halloween in its second episode. Becky Kukla reviews...

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4:01 I Want To Be Here

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is back for its final season. Will things improve for Rebecca after her season three break throughs? Or will it all still be about sexy, dangerous musical numbers? Rat-at-ta...

Supergirl: 3.02 Triggers

It's Psi v Supergirl in the latest season 3 episode. Robert Turnbull reviews 'Triggers '...

The Friday Film News Roundup

Hayley Atwell, Kelsey Grammer, Shane Black and more...

Sex & The City prequel "The Carrie Diaries" gets pilot order

The CW send Carrie Bradshaw to high school for this potential new series.