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The Bold Type: Season three Review

Kat, Jane and Sutton are back and as fabulous as ever as they continue to navigate the chaos of modern life.

The Bold Type: 2.10 We'll Always Have Paris

The women of The Bold Type go to Paris in this week's season finale.

The Bold Type: 2.09 Trippin'

The girls take a trip to Sutton's home town in the penultimate season two episode of The Bold Type

The Bold Type: 2.08 Plan B

Jane has some big news and Kat claps back in this week's The Bold Type

The Bold Type: 2.07 Betsy

Kat has her first foray into non-monogamy, while Sutton and Jane have a huge disagreement

The Bold Type: 2.06 The Domino Effect

All eyes are on Jane this week as she is nominated for an award.

The Bold Type: 2.05 Stride of Pride

This weeks episode focuses on diversity and fidelity

The Bold Type: 2.04 OMG

Kat hits a rough patch with Adena, Jane goes on dates with Ben, but also bumps into Pinstripe, and Sutton engages in a courtship of her own when a prolific influencer come to Scarlet. Jess Thomas reviews the ensuing friction...

The Bold Type: 2.03 The Scarlet Letter

Jane's been fired and Sutton has her mojo back, but what will Kat do if Adena can't get the work she needs to keep her visa?

The Bold Type: 2.01 Feminist Army & 2.02 Rose Colored Glasses

The Bold Type started off its second season with a double episode release this week, but are the as bold as they claim to be?