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The Blacklist gets a seventh season renewal

Another year of Reddington's story is ahead

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Timeless and Sleepy Hollow cancelled while Gotham and The Blacklist continue for another season

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The Blacklist: The Complete Third Season

The James Spader-starring crime drama has a third go-round, on Blu-ray!

The Blacklist: 2.16 The Major, 2.17 Tom Keen

Our fortnightly look at The Blacklist continues with the question; who is Liz's traitorous ex husband?

The Blacklist 2.11: Ruslan Denisov, 2.12: The Kenyon Family

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The Winter Finale - When Did This Become A Thing?

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The Blacklist: 2.07 The Scimitar, 2.08 The Decembrist

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The Blacklist: 2.05 The Front , 2.06 The Mombasa Cartel

Ahead of tomorrow nights new episode on Sky 1, we recap the last two weeks of the Blacklist. Does it continue to maintain the heights of season one?

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Red's on a rampage, Keen's under suspicion....

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