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Arrow: 8.10 Fadeout

Arrow closes the chapter on one of TV's most significant superheroes of all time...

Legends of Tomorrow: 5.02 Meet the Legends

The Legends encounter Rasputin The Mad Monk, while avoiding THAT song and answering the question The Avengers refused to ask…

Shared superhero universes: Are they more successful on television?

New writer Steven Slatter looks at shared superhero universes fare on television and how successful they are to their big screen counterparts.

Harry Dean Stanton Remembered

A look back at some of his iconic roles

The Flash: 3.14 Attack on Central City

Less an attack and more a bit of a skirmish; but did the latest episode of The Flash succeed despite it budgetary restrictions? Baz Greenland reviews...

Charlie Cox confirms The Defenders is filming at the end of 2016

Will we see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist team up in 2017?

Jeremy Renner says he would do a Hawkeye series for Netflix

"I think that’s actually a really great model, if there’s ever a way to explore the character, maybe it’s in that world."

What Could The Inhumans Mean For Agents Of SHIELD?

The Inhumans are going to play a big part in the next season of Agents of SHIELD, but just who might we expect to see turn up and what role might they play? (Warning: this article will contain wild speculation and wishing).

Full Captain America: Civil War cast announced

Looking more and more like a full on Avengers movie

The Avengers - The Lost Episodes, Volume One

Get your bowler hats out - Steed and Keel are back to Avenge their missing past!

Thor: The Dark World Review

Thor doesn't quite soar in this sequel to his 2011 hit

New Avengers Assemble Clip

We may hate the UK title, but The Avengers is still looking good...