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Terminator: Dark Fate trailer: Linda Hamilton and Arnie prepare us for the day after Judgement Day

The franchise heads back to pick up on events that followed Terminator 2

The Flash: 3.20 I Know Who You Are

Killer Frost was unleashed and there was a huge reveal in the latest episode of The Flash. Baz Greenland reviews one of the strongest season three episodes yet.

The X Files Revisited: 8.20 Essence, 8.21 Existence

An exciting finale as Mulder, Doggett, Skinner and Krycek face the alien super soldiers while Reyes helps Scully prepare for the birth of her child; it's the dramatic two-part season eight conclusion Essence and Existence. But should this have been the end?

Dark Matter: 2.09 Going Out Fighting

Portia's past came back to the fore in another exciting episode of Dark Matter season two. Here's Baz Greenland's review.

Dark Matter: 2.03 I've Seen the Other Side of You

Did Dark Matter maintain the momentum of the first two episodes of season two?

Dark Matter: 2.02 Kill Them All

It's a prison break with a whole host of twists in the second episode of Dark Matter season two...

Legends of Tomorrow: 1.12 Last Refuge

Lets take a look at the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, is it the future of TV or stuck in the past...

Legends of Tomorrow: 1.11 The Magnificent Eight

The Legends of Tomorrow go back to the Old West to meet a DC legend of the past in this review of the latest episode, with added Hex appeal!

The X Files Revisited: 2.16 Colony, 2.17 End Game

The return of Mulder's sister, a shapeshifting alien bounty hunter and secret clones in this series-defining two-parter...

The Friday Film News Roundup

Robotic dinosaurs, Vin Diesel and a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes await your attention in this weeks film news roundup.

Terminator Salvation (R2/UK BD) in November

Full disc specs and final artwork are now available for the fourth in the Terminator franchise...

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 (R2/UK BD) in November

The second and final season of this Terminator TV series comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in November...