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Legends of Tomorrow: 2.13 Land of the Lost

Is Rip lost forever? Find out in our latest episode review.

Legends of Tomorrow: 2.09 Raiders of the Lost Art

The Legends are back in a galaxy not that far away, not that long ago...

Legends of Tomorrow: 1.16 Legendary

The moment of truth! The Legends of Tomorrow season finale; is it really the stuff of legends?

Five crucial add-ons for Doctor Who's new Christmas TARDIS!

The Doctor gets a redesigned TARDIS at Christmas! We marvel at the preview picture and suggest five essential new features.

The Lodger

This week's episode sees the Doctor separated from the Tardis. Amy is stuck on-board and has to try to control it while the Doctor works out what is stopping it from fully materialising.

Vincent and the Doctor

Amy and the Doctor take time out to check out some paintings and run into a monster.

Cold Blood

The Lizards are still back in Part 2. Just what will the Doctor do to get rid of them?

The Hungry Earth

The Doctor, Amy and Rory take a wrong turn on their way to Rio and end up in the small Welsh village of Cwmtaff circa space-year 2020.

Amy's Choice

Written by 'Men behaving Badly's' Simon Nye, this week's episode sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory trapped in a dual reality conundrum.

Flesh and Stone

Does Part 2 bring the story to a satisfying conclusion? Do any of those Commando types make it out alive? Click to find out.