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Taboo renewed for a second season

Tom Hardy's dark period drama will be back next year...

Taboo: 1.08

The final episode of Tom Hardy's 19th century commercial adventure.

Taboo: 1.07

All is meant to look hopeless for James Delaney in this penultimate episode.

Taboo: 1.06

A tale, seemingly not of revenge against forces commercial, but Oedipal.

Taboo: 1.05

The plotting continues endlessly as the cast continues to expand.

Taboo: 1.04

Tom Hollander joins the League of the Damned, hoping to add a little explosiveness to the plotting!

Taboo: 1.03

Tom Hardy continues to growl and manipulate his way across London, pitting his foes against each other.

Taboo: 1.02

Further into the darkness of rabbit hole we go, as more scenes chewing ensues in this rapidly growing cast.

Taboo: 1.01

Tom Hardy stars in a different sort of period drama, co-created by Peaky Blinders' Stephan Knight. Ominous and hard-hitting, this is a much-needed addition to the BBCs roster.

À l'Aventure Review

Following Secret Things and Exterminating Angels, Jean-Claude Brisseau concludes his trilogy of mystical explorations of female sexuality. Noel Megahey reviews Axioms DVD release.

Exterminating Angels Review

Based on his own experiences, Jean-Claude Brisseau's film features a director who falls foul of the mystical forces he unleashes while making a film about taboo and sexual pleasure.