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Koko-di Koko-da trailer: A Swedish couple confront their grief in chilling fashion

The strange title takes its name from the lyrics of a Nordic children's song, Vår tupp är död

Holiday Review

Isabella Eklöf's startling debut is released on UK on blu-ray.

Border trailer: A fairy tale with a difference

The Cannes winner arrives at LFF next week

The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden

Happy-go-lucky Swedes go fishing for gold.

The Sounds - King's College London

Song slaying Swedes stun supporters with sensational show on a snowy Saturday!

Baron Bane - Lpto

James tackles the perennial problem of 'multimedia' in pop.

Psalm 21 Review

Fredrik Hiller's ambitious debut doesn't hit the target after its chilling opening, yet signs of promise are in plentiful supply.

The Sounds - Something to Die For

Dance and pop collide on new album from cool Swedes. Don't die for it, though.

The American Review

George Clooney stars in a tense thriller with European arthouse pretensions from Anton Corbijn.