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Suspiria Review

Mike Sutton looks at the new Cine-Excess DVD of Dario Argento's masterpiece.

Suspiria Review

Witches - girls having a fun time together or evil spell casting conspirators - you decide! John reviews Nouveaux's blu-ray of Suspiria...

Suspiria: Definitive Edition Review

To celebrate Halloween, and to coincide with the Italian theatrical release of Mother of Tears, Dario Argento's concluding part to the Three Mothers trilogy, Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the recent R2 Italian "Definitive Edition" of the first instalment, Suspiria, which comes in a nifty metal tin.

Suspiria: Limited Edition Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the 3-disc limited edition US release of Suspiria, the masterful and disturbing gothic fairytale that is often proclaimed to be Italian director Dario Argento's greatest work.