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The TDF Top 10: Supergirl

What would be your top 10 episodes of Supergirl? Robert Turnbull tries to pin down some worthy picks...

Legends of Tomorrow: 5.08 Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness

It's a bitter-sweet episode as we say goodbye to Legends OG Ray Palmer

Supergirl: 5.14 The Bodyguard

Lena has a breakthrough and Kara rethinks how she feels about William in the lastest episode of Supergirl

Arrow: 8.10 Fadeout

Arrow closes the chapter on one of TV's most significant superheroes of all time...

The Flash: 6.09 Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Three

The UK jumps from part one to three as The Flash continues the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths...

End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2019

It's our end of year TV review. Did you favourite show make the list?

10 TV spin-offs we would love to see

From Superman to Game of Thrones to Star Trek, Baz Greenland considers 10 TV spin-offs we would all love to see.

Krypton: 2.10 The Alpha and the Omega

Its the final (ever?) episode of Krypton and things go wild for our gang of plucky Kryptonians

Michael B. Jordan in a J.J. Abrams directed Superman film? Warner Bros. plan ahead

A new report discusses what the studio have lined up over the next few years

Krypton: 2.09 Blood Moon

Things hot up in the action packed penultimate episode of Krypton

Supergirl: 5.05 Dangerous Liaisons

Supergirl and the gang investigate a new meta-villain in the latest season five episode

Krypton: 2.08 Mercy

A (not so) suprising return shakes things up for the characters of Krypton in this weeks episode, Mercy

Krypton: 2.07 Zods and Monsters

We peek behind the curtain of the birth of Doomsday in the latest episode of Krypton.

Supergirl: 5.03 Blurred Lines

Kara makes a bad choice and an unexpected guest star from The Shire drops in, in this week's Supergirl

Krypton: 2.06 In Zod We Trust

Robert Turnbull reviews the latest episode of Krypton - has Jax gone too far?

Superman and Lois TV spin-off in development at The CW

Will the Superman show be a prequel series to Supergirl?

Krypton: 2.05 A Better Yesterday

Things get dicey and everyone is double crossing everyone else in this week's Krypton, reviewed by Robert Turnbull

Supergirl: 5.01 Event Horizon

Kara and the gang are back in the brand new season five of Supergirl