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Suits renewed for ninth and final season

The end is near for Harvey Spector and co.

Netflix acquires Suits season seven - and episode one is available now

Suits returns for its seventh season on Netflix UK, after it was dropped by Dave.

Star Trek: Discovery adds five more actors to its cast

Two Starfleet officers and three Klingon leaders join the expanding cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

Legends of Tomorrow: 2.03 Shogun

Robert Turnbull reviews the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow as the team heads to Feudal Japan for more time travel adventures

Suits renewed for season seven

Mike and Harvey will be back for further episodes as Suits continues on into 2017...

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A new, weekly round-up of TV. In as few a words as possible.

Hidden down the TV guide #1 - Better than Agents of SHIELD

What you could be doing if you're not watching Agents of Shield

Suits Season 2 - Review

Suits season two, containing suits in suits.