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Sink or Swim Review

A group of 40-something men on the verge of a mid-life crisis discover a new unexpected passion in French comedy Sink or Swim, now on DVD & digital download.

The Howling Review

We should never try to deny the beast...

A revitalised Umbrellas of Cherbourg coming to DVD and Blu-ray

Classic French New Wave just in time for Valentine's Day

Billy Liar in May

50th Anniversary release for the British New Wave classic.

Studiocanal in March

End of Watch and Sightseers headline Studiocanal's March line-up...

Studiocanal in February

Acclaimed drama Rust and Bone, sci-fi action sequel Universal Soldier: Days of Reckoning and more next month...

Hell is a City Review

Hammer head to Manchester for gritty crime thrills.

César et Rosalie Review

An unexpected Blu-ray arrival.

Chernobyl Diaries Review

Its central premise may have triggered some fallout, and whilst it drums up some initial intrigue, you're unlikely to experience a substantial reaction from Bradley Parker's nuclear horror shocker.

The Mummy's Shroud Review

John Gilling's final film for Hammer is granted a respectful transfer on this solid Studiocanal double-play release.

The Trial Review

Orson Welles takes on Franz Kafka's literary classic.

Livid Review

Studiocanal release Bustillo and Maury's much anticipated follow-up to Inside on Blu-ray.

The Reptile Review

Studiocanal release John Gilling's budget-conscious The Reptile on a well presented Blu-ray and DVD Combi.

The Plague of the Zombies Review

Studiocanal release Hammer's much underrated precursor to our enduring obsession with zombie culture.

Made in Britain film season

Five classic British films are coming to UK cinemas this summer as part of a film season by Studiocanal and the Ico...