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The Pit and the Pendulum Review

Oliver Reed and Lance Henriksen star as Stuart Gordon does his Poe movie. John reviews the 88 Films blu-ray

Castle Freak Review

88 Films release Stuart Gordon's very fine Castle Freak with superb extras. John reviews the new blu-ray

From Beyond Review

Second Sight release Stuart Gordon's follow-up to Reanimator on blu-ray, John feels that familiar throbbin'

Cult Classics on Blu-ray later this year

Cult horror titles from Frank Henenlotter, Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna on Blu-ray later this year...

Castle Freak Review

Jeffrey Combs inherits a castle... and its freak.

The Pit and the Pendulum Review

Introducing a new label... 88 Films.

From Beyond (Unrated Director's Cut) Review

Modern technology has restored Stuart Gordon's follow up to Re-Animator to its former uncut glory. John celebrates the sex and the horror

Edmond Review

David Mamet and Stuart Gordon are an unexpected combination of writer and director but collaborate here on this adaptation of Mamet's 1983 one-act play...

Masters of Horror Vol.1 (John Carpenter / Stuart Gordon) Review

From an idea by Mick Garris comes his horror anthology series that was originally planned as a direct-to-DVD show through Anchor Bay before being picked up for television by Showtime and Bravo. Coming out here on the 13th are the first two entries in the series by John Carpenter and Stuart Gordon...