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Jaws Review

44 years on, is it safe to go in the water?

Christopher Robin Review

Time for another visit to One Hundred Acre Wood

Ready Player One Review

An adventure too big for the real world.

The Post Review

Spielberg, Streep and Hanks converge to retell the story of the Pentagon Papers.

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Steven Spielberg's The Post mails in its first trailer

A return to Nixon and the battle to save the first amendment

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Hel reviews the newest Arrow Academy release One-Eyed Jacks.

Bridge of Spies Review

Late-period Spielberg spy thriller that's better than most anything else H'wood gave us last year

Jurassic World Review

More dinosaurs, more park, more Jurassic: Colin Trevorrow directs the franchise's sequel.

Lincoln Review

Daniel-Day Lewis channels Honest Abe for Spielberg in this really quite good lesson in history and politics