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Doctor Sleep trailer: Ewan McGregor is Danny Torrance in the sequel to The Shining

Almost 40 years on from Stanley Kubrick's classic, a sequel prepares for release

It: Chapter Two trailer: Welcome back to Derry - where no-one ever really dies

27 years have passed and Pennywise returns to terrorise the now grown-up Losers’ Club

Carrie - Limited Edition Review

Carrie White may well be burning in hell, poor love, but this box set more than makes up for it.

Chapter Two of It is on the way

The sort of news that will float your boat

It Review

A creepy carousel of carnage and childhood fears

11.22.63 - Soldier Boy

The penultimate episode, and Jake's lost his memories. Can he get them back in time to save JFK?

11.22.63 - Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald

Time and memories; James Franco's character needs both but is running short of them as we approach the climax of 11.22.63.

11.22.63 - The Truth

Truths are revealed in this tense episode, but are they the revelations that Jake is after?

11.22.63 - The Eyes of Texas

Eight months until the assassination of JFK, 11.22.63 continues apace and with increasingly satisfying performances.

11.22.63 - Other Voices, Other Rooms

A two year jump forward for James Franco. Will Lee Harvey Oswald be revealed to be a lone gunman, a CIA plant or Russian stooge?