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The Novelist Review

Choose your own adventure

Win Deadfall Adventures - Xbox 360 and Steam

Win the adventure of a lifetime...kinda

Train Simulator 2014 Review

Train driving not made easy.

Valve launching Steam operating system

Valve announce Linux-based operating system for Steam, their hugely successful PC digital distribution hub.

Valve poised to announce the Steam Box...

Could other surprises be in the pipeline?

Rush Bros Review

Rushed out the door.

Poker Night 2 Review

You got to know when to hold 'em...

Thomas Was Alone Review

A puzzler with real heart.

Win War of the Roses (Steam)

Win War of the Roses! No, not the movie.

Football Manager 2013 Review

Champions League or relegation candidate?

Win! Hearts of Iron III Collection Steam codes!

Win Steam codes for PC version of Hearts of Iron III Collection!

Football Manager 2013: Out November 2nd

Football Manager 2013 out November 2nd

PC Gaming News Roundup

Indie developers unhappy, DRM dropped and a new gaming platform?

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods and Kings Review

Will your Civilization benefit from Gods and Kings?