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Horace Review

This Tin Man Already Has A Heart

Audica Review

Harmonix are rhythm game veterans, but has their foray into virtual reality been a crowd pleaser, or a bungled solo?

Death's Gambit Review

In honour of a physical re-release on PS4 and some fresh gameplay adjustments, developers White Rabbit and publishers Adult Swim Games are inviting another look at their Souls-like game and I'm very glad they did.

SUPERHOT VR - Oculus Quest Review

SuperhotVR has long been a staple of VR headsets. With it now on to the Oculus Quest, does it still carry the heavyweight title of an essential game, or is the glass empire waiting to crumble?

Constructor Plus Review

Two years ago, Constructor returned with a high definition overhaul and console releases without much having changed beyond the visuals, so what does Constructor Plus offer that it's predecessor didn't?

Surviving Mars: Project Laika Review

Widely misremembered as the first animal in space, instead Laika was one of many unfortunate creatures to help both the US and USSR test the rigors of rocketry and the effects of space on biological functions. It's an interesting part of scientific history to say the least and one that could perhaps have inspired something a little bit more exciting than what's on offer here.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet Review

Surviving Mars released last year and was well received here at The Digital Fix, with our review awarding a very healthy 8/10 to the space colony builder for embracing it's science fiction inspirations, offering a steady learning curve and for being fun overall, but perhaps a little dry in places. A few months later and Paradox Interactive are giving players the chance to turn Mar's dusty surface into a lush land, fit for human habitation with the release of Surviving Mars: Green Planet.

Team Sonic Racing Review

After so long, the blue blur is back on the track, this time with a pure kart racing game filled to the brim with things long time Sonic fans are likely to love on top of some solid racing.

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey Review

At once, the strong qualities of the voice acting and script jump out during the introductory moments of Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey, but equally so, technical issues niggle and pull attention.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Review

Asobo Studio tells a powerful tale about death in A Plague Tale: Innocence, but is it one worth playing through?

Blazing Beaks Review

Applava's feathery twin-stick party game takes flight, guided onto the Nintendo Switch by QubicGames.