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From Stargate to Dark Matter and back to Stargate: A chat with showrunner Joseph Mallozzi

Moe Akhtar chats with Stargate and Dark Matter showrunner Joseph Mallozzi about past projects and his work on the Stargate Rising campaign.

Stargate Origins Review

Moe Akhtar reviews the web-based prequel series to the Stargate franchise.

Stargate: Origins - MGM announces surprise return to the Stargate universe

Ten 10 minute episodes to be released digitally later this year

Supergirl: 2.09 Supergirl Lives

Supergirl is back (after a little Christmas break)! Read our episode review here...

Legends of Tomorrow: A Look Back at Season One

Robert Turnbull reflects on the cheesy greatness that was Legends of Tomorrow’s first season.

Exclusive interview with Dark Matter showrunner Joseph Mallozzi

Baz Greenland interviews Joseph Mallozzi about Dark Matter, his long term plans for the show and his time working on the three Stargate series.

Top Ten: Sci-Fi Politicians

As the 2010 election finally draws to a close, here are our choices for the greatest politicians in sci-fi history....

Stargate Universe Season 1.0 (R1/US BD) in February

Another split-season release for a new series, SGU 1.0 arrives early next month...

Stargate 15th AE (US BD) in October

The film that spawned mutliple TV series is given a new Blu-ray Disc release with remastered picture and plenty of new extras...

Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods (R2) in July

A new cut of the pilot episodes is released as a DTV movie, plus news on Stargate Atlantis Season 5 and Complete Seasons 1-5 box-sets...