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TDF Ranks... The Star Trek Films

From Khan to...Khan. Baz Greenland ranks all 13 Star Trek movies

Michelle Yeoh to head new Section 31 Star Trek TV series

There's plenty more to come from Philippa Georgiou...

Patrick Melrose: 1.01 Bad News

Baz Greenland discusses the masterful performance of Benedict Cumberbatch in the opening episode of Patrick Melrose.

Star Trek: Discovery casts Anson Mount as Captain Pike for season two

The Inhumans actor will play the second captain of the USS Enterprise for season two

Star Trek: Discovery - Our hopes and concerns for the future of Star Trek

With new details emerging about the new Star Trek series, Baz Greenland asks what it means for the future of the franchise...

Lots of new details about Star Trek: Discovery. Female lead to be called Number One.

But who will play Number One in Star Trek Discovery? We've got at least until October before we find out...

CBS to develop new Star Trek TV show?

Bryan Singer to bring Star Trek back to the small screen?

Star Trek Into Darkness - Clip 2

As the hype juggernaut continues, we have another <B>Star Trek Into Darkness</b> clip for your visual pleasure.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Trailer 3

More questions than answers, but it LOOKS stunning.

Star Trek Into Darkness Announcement Video

Check out the first trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel...